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02 August 2008 @ 02:03 pm
Flack/Eva - Moving In Day  
Title: Moving In Day
Author: iluvroadrunner6
Rating: FRT
Characters: Don Flack/Eva Patterson, Chelsea Carlson
100_situations Prompt: 019. Crazy
15_song_titles Prompt: Fidelity
fic_variations Prompt: home (#1)
Content Warning: N/A
Summary: Eva gets ready to move into Flack's place.
Author's Note: Just something short and cute. Nothing really special.
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters of CSI:NY. They're owned by CBS. However, I do own Eva and all other original characters, so please don't steal them.

“I’m crazy for doing this, aren’t I?”

Chelsea looked over at her best friend with a look that was more of a glare than a look. Eva had been tossing this back and forth in her head ever since she’d said yes to Don about moving in with him, and while Chelsea had told her every single time that she had made the right decision to this particular situation, Eva didn’t seem to be listening all that closely to what Chelsea had been saying.

“No. You’re not. And if you question it again, I’m going to lock you out of the loft.”

Eva turned back to her and raised an eyebrow, crossing her arms in front of her chest. “I live here too. Which means I have a key.”

“Not if I lock you out without your key.”

“Whatever,” Eva sighed before rolling her eyes. “You know why I’m having issues with this.”

“Yes, I do, and I still think you’re being ridiculous.”

“And why is that?” she asked.

“Because Don isn’t a douchebag,” Chelsea stated. “He’s a good guy. He’s not the cheating type.”

Eva was quiet again for a minute, before running her hand over her face and sighing. “I know. I do. I just—I’ve never moved in with a boyfriend before. It’s making me a little nervous.”

“Well, you have to pick, Eva—it’s either living all by yourself here, or living with him over there. And I know how you don’t like being left alone.”

Eva sighed heavily, running a hand through her hair as she went back to packing. “I just don’t want to regret this.”

“You won’t.”

“And how are you so sure?” Eva frowned, piling more of her clothes into one of the boxes. “I regret ninety-nine percent of the things that happen to me that are related to guys, so I don’t see how this would be any different.”

“Because he’s Don,” Chelsea replied. “And I just know.”

“Right,” Eva sighed, still slightly uncomfortable.

“He’s not Matt, Eva. He’ll take care of you.” Chelsea walked over and wrapped her arms around her friend, pulling her into a hug. “Trust me. You’re going to be okay.”

Eva returned the hug, half-heartedly at first before pulling her in closer. “I really hope you’re right.”


Once the boxes were all in and she was completely settled, things should have been better. She should have been more sure of what she was doing and know that this was the right thing to do. However, she could still feel her stomach flip-flopping back and forth, trying to make her decide what she wanted to do, but there was nothing there. She needed something to confirm for her that this was going to be home now, whether she liked it or not.

She was standing in their bedroom, staring at the bed with her arms crossed in front of her chest, trying to decide if things actually felt right—that they didn’t feel skewed in one direction or another. She needed to know if this was where she was meant to be, rather than waiting for the something that was always supposed to go wrong to do so. She was just about ready to pace when she heard the door to the apartment open and Don’s voice float through the room.


“Bedroom,” she replied almost automatically, not moving from where she was. Things were still trying to settle, and she didn’t want to move until she was sure.

“All moved in?” he asked as he appeared in the doorway. She turned back to him with a small smile and a nod.

“Good,” he said with a smile, before moving closer and wrapping his arms around her from behind. She leaned back against him, smiling a little more as she relaxed, and while she still wasn’t one hundred percent okay with this situation—this was starting to feel a little more like home than it had a few minutes before.

◦ a girl like me ◦: CSI NY - Flack2 by catvampcrazinesafteriwake on August 2nd, 2008 06:09 pm (UTC)
Aww! This was cute. Loved it a lot.
Emily: flackiluvroadrunner6 on August 2nd, 2008 06:17 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.